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October 25, 2017, a day I’ll never forget and treasure forever. For our four-year anniversary, my then boyfriend and now fiancé had surprised me with a trip to Napa Valley, CA which he had gifted to me back on Valentine’s Day. We previously had discussed booking a trip to Napa as we both always wanted to go since we love visiting historic vineyards and of course, tasting wine too! I was so excited that I immediately starting planning my outfits (for vineyard pictures of course) and told him that I would love to plan some activities for when we got there. As we started to plan out our days together, he asked me if he could plan one day on his own, our four-year anniversary. Now, he’s had this day planned for months, unbeknownst to me so as the trip quickly approached I kept hounding him to tell me what he had planned, but he wouldn’t budge.

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We flew into Napa on a Monday and our anniversary was that Wednesday – needless to say, I was very curious what our activity would be that day. When we woke up on Wednesday, I started to get ready and noticed Joe sifting through my dresses that I had hung up in our closet – naturally, I asked “well, what should I wear?” so he picked out a dress and a pair of shoes to match, which I thought was extremely sweet! As we both finished getting ready, Joe had told me he’d be driving us to our “reservation.” The drive was about 45 minutes away, so you can imagine I was nearly jumping out the seat wondering where we were going! We pulled up to this beautiful, stately entrance and I noticed a sign that read, Castello di Amorosa, a beautiful vineyard and castle that I wanted to get to on our trip. As we drove through the picturesque entrance, Joe had told me that we would be having a private tasting and tour of the castle so I was extremely excited and so happy that he had taken the time to plan this all out for our anniversary!

Well, we had our own tour guide and learned all about the history of the castle, and how they make and store their wines. Through the tour we walked through the basement coves and cellars, saw where they hosted dinners, and where the wine was made. Halfway through our 90-minute tour, I tapped Joe and told him I was upset – since he picked my outfit out, which was a white dress and white stilettos! Normally I love wearing dresses and heels, but when you’re walking through basement cellars on uneven cobblestones, that doesn’t make the best combination. Joe felt terrible because he saw that it was getting harder for me to walk, but I pushed through and thankfully we ended up in the member’s club for our private tasting (finally wine time!). As we sat down, I noticed our tour guide had brought over a few different bottles of Champagne and Cabernet Sauvignon (two of my favorites) and told me that he wanted to cater this tasting for us and what we like, this was great!

After we tried a few different vintages, our tour guide told us that he had one more tasting for us, back down in the cellars. As we walked into one of the cellar rooms, which was beautifully lit with chandeliers and all brick work, I noticed a black curtain. At this point, our tour guide had introduced us to one of his colleagues and she noted that this was a special tasting of different Cabernet’s. I just kept thinking to myself this is getting better and better!! As we step through the black curtain, I noticed three wine barrels staggered each with a different wine bottle that had our pictures on them and small bouquet of flowers. I looked down at our first wine barrel and not only was there a bottle of wine with our picture and flowers, but two wine glasses with both our first initials and the first initial of his last name. Instantly, I started to cry and looked at Joe, he calmly replied to “relax, I just wanted to do something special for our anniversary.” That he did indeed.

As we made our way to each of the three wine barrels, he told me I had to collect the mini bouquets from each. We finally get to the last wine barrel when the tour guide informs us that there’s one more tasting through one more black curtain and to come through when we were ready. Joe grabbed my hand and asked if I was ready and I said yes.

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As we walked through the curtain I see this stunning nine-foot floral moon with white hydrangeas on the floor along with K and J letters that were lit for our names, and a beautiful calligraphy sign that read, “I love you to the moon and back, times infinity.”

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Joe walked me over closer to this beautiful fairy tale scene, and dropped down to one knee. As I was fighting back tears of joy, my best friend had asked me to be his wife and without any hesitation I immediately said yes!!! So overwhelmed with emotion, I gave him the biggest hug and whispered, “I’m so sorry for complaining about my shoes!” we both laughed and before I knew it, I heard someone taking pictures only to find out that not only had Joe set up this perfect proposal, but he hired a photographer to capture one of the best moments of our life.

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We were able to take pictures all throughout the castle and I could not have asked for a better venue, setting, proposal and most importantly amazing man in my life. To say this was a perfect proposal would be an understatement.

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Special Thanks

The Yes Girls
 | Planning
Ditto Dianto
 | Photographer
Castello di Amorosa
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