Kimberly and Jesse

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How We Met

We met online back in 2011, gone on a few dates but he took a separate path than I did. Years passed and we had each other in the back of our minds. Out of the blue, he decided to text my number he had saved on his old phone and prayed that I would answer. Luckily my number never changed and we talked all through out that day. He asked me out on a date that evening. We had a great time talking about how much we grew and how much God is in both of our lives. He told me he was turned off by my being religious when we first started talking back when we were teenagers. However, in recent years he gave himself to God and he realized he made a mistake when he stopped all contact with me. He put all the cards on the table telling me that he didn’t just want to date me but wanted for me to be his future wife. I was taken back but I knew this is what I prayed for. I asked God years ago to send me my husband and have him tell me that he wanted me as his wife. Since then we have been inseparable following Gods plan.

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how they asked

My parents and I went to his house where his mom and stepdad were early Christmas morning. As the family was swapping gifts everyone stopped and focused on us so I knew something was happening but wasn’t sure why exactly. The very last gift I opened was a large box but felt light. As I opened the box there was a smaller box wrapped in tissue paper. I tore into that box. He took the box from my hands and gets down on one knee.

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I couldn’t take it, I instantly started crying. He said “Babe, I don’t want to lose you again. Will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes! We hugged and kissed and showed the family my ring. My ring is pretty special. The center diamond was his mom’s diamond. My fiance’s dad passed when he was a teenager and his mom wanted for me to have it before she had even met me! When I was told that story about the diamond I started crying more. My fiance was definitely a gift from God. I can’t imagine my life without him.

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