Kimberly and Frank

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How We Met

Frank and I met through our mutual friend Courtney, who had been trying to set us up for the past two months. Courtney and I had been best friends literally since the day I was born. Our moms had been best friends since Junior High School so naturally, they had their first daughters born in the same year. Frank and Courtney were friends at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; he was there for Medical School and she was there for her Master’s Degree. Courtney, knowing our personalities better than anyone, thought that Frank and I would be a perfect match for each other. We were both newly single and not interested in dating anyone at the time. Still persistent that we were destined for each other, Courtney planned a secret “blind date” that would change our lives forever.

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On Saturday, January 3, 2015, Courtney and I had planned to go to our favorite sushi restaurant in Staten Island. Despite the slushy snowy weather, I said I would drive for the night. All of a sudden, the planned changed to go to the same restaurant but in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn! I asked Courtney “why would we drive over the bridge in this weather when we could go to the same place down the hill?” When she started to change the subject, I realized something else was up. After continuous questioning, she finally revealed to me that she was planning to have Frank and I meet “on a blind date”. Uninterested and slightly annoyed that she went against my wishes, I sighed by saying “Fine, I’ll entertain him.” Meanwhile, Frank was studying for an exam back home in New Jersey when Courtney asked him to come out. He declined at first, explaining he wasn’t in town. She followed up by saying how she wanted him to meet me. She played the “she’s an NFL Cheerleader” card and sent him my roster photo. Without hesitation, Frank replied, “Yeah, I think I can take a study break” and planned to meet us later that night.

After Courtney and I ate dinner, we moved to the bar in anticipation for this mystery man. We sat at the smaller edge of the bar where you could only seat four people. Suddenly, two guys walked into the restaurant and started heading our way. I couldn’t see Frank at first as he was walking behind his friend who accompanied him in case things went south. Courtney began the introductions as Frank walked behind me and stood to my left where the open spot was. As I turned to say hello to him, my eyes caught his eyes and honestly, I felt like everything around us just stopped. It was like a movie. It was a love at first sight moment I will never forget. We talked the whole night, him never leaving my side. It was as if we had known each other our whole lives. We were so connected to each other that I forgot my friend was with us! We ended the night by exchanging phone numbers and a first kiss. He texted me the next day to plan our first date and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Christmas Eve 2017. But more importantly, it was my 50th and last home game as an NFL Cheerleader. This chapter of my life was coming to an end as I announced my retirement earlier in the year. So this game was very special to me. My whole family and closest friends were coming out to brave the cold to cheer me on as I touched the turf for the last time. One of the reasons why I love Frank so much is because of how supportive he has been with this passion of mine. We met while I was in the middle of my career and has been to every game (except for two due to work) in the past three years. About a half hour before my pregame performance he sends me a text message saying he got called into work and needed to go into Manhattan due to low staff. He even sent me a picture of a text from the attending he reported to prove he was needed. Upset with the realization he was about to miss my last game ever, I reluctantly responded “okay.” I expressed I understood but deep down was hurt that he wasn’t going to be there.

Three and a half hours later the game and my cheerleading career were over. My team and I were wrapping up our post-game meeting in our locker room when our coach made an announcement. She said since many of us were retiring it would be great to take one last picture on the shield. As we started to make our way out to the field, my coach held me back saying that someone from the media department wanted to do an interview with me about retirement. As the team’s spokesperson on many appearances, this made sense to me and didn’t question it. Since I had just been dancing for three and a half hours, she told me to touch up my hair and makeup and to get her when I was ready.

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With hair and makeup to my liking, my coach and I made our way to the field for my interview. As we were walking down the tunnel, I noticed my teammates in a player intro line; the same line we do before every game as the players run out onto the field before kickoff. Two of my best friends from the team were at the end opposite me and appeared to be blocking someone. Once I got to the bottom of the tunnel, my friends stepped away and revealed Frank waiting for me in the end zone.

In total shock and disbelief, I started screaming “No!” as I realized what was about to happen. He started laughing at my reaction as I made my way down the player intro line towards him. Once I met him in the end zone, he got down on one knee and we both started to tear up. He looked at me and said, “I don’t know what to say just say yes.” Giggling at his lack of words, I shook my head and replied “yes!” He placed the ring on my finger and we embraced in excitement as everyone around us cheered.

Not only did he give me the proposal I always wanted, including my teammates who mean the world to me, but he also had our families on the field and friends in the stands during the proposal! I couldn’t believe the amount of love surrounding us at that moment. So Frank wasn’t called into work, there was no interview and he was at the game the whole time!

As the saying goes: as one door closes, another one opens. As this chapter of my life came to an end, that same day another chapter began. We continuously give credit to Courtney for setting us up on that blind date three years ago. She knew all along we were meant to be. And if this epic proposal is any indication of how married life is going to be, then I’m ready for our adventure to begin.

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