Kimberly and Douglas

How We Met

Douglas and I met freshman year orientation at Norwich University. We were both freshman architecture students, and with a class of only 30 students, we all became friends.

Once we got to sophomore year we quickly became best friends. Going to Dunkin’ Donuts together and spending late nights in the studio.

It wasn’t until junior year that we finally took the next step and started dating. We already lived on two sides of a two-family house so we were seeing each other all the time. We made it through junior and senior years and graduated together. We even made it through our final year to get our masters.

After graduation, we moved down to New York together to find jobs and start our post-college lives together.

Kimberly and Douglas's Engagement in Fresh tracks farm - Berlin, VT

How They Asked

We took a trip up to VT to visit the Douglas family for Father’s Day. After a year of Douglas’s dad going through some health scares, we were excited to celebrate together.

I kept asking to visit our favorite vineyard, Fresh Track Farms, near where we went to college. He agreed to go Saturday before we met his family for dinner.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Fresh tracks farm - Berlin, VT

When we got there we each got a glass and walked around the property which wasn’t unusual. It wasn’t until we got to the top of the stairs and our friend was there taking photos did I know what was happening.

After all the excitement we headed down where they had wine and cheese set up for us. We were able to spend some time enjoying this before dinner with the Douglas family.

The final surprise was getting to dinner where I thought only Douglas’s parents and siblings would be there. When we rounded the corner our friends and family were all there to celebrate with us! Ok

Special Thanks

Anthony Menard
 | Photographer