Kimberly and Christopher


We vacation in Costa Rica frequently and this was honestly a normal trip until we sat on the plane and Chris was extremely nervous that his carry on baggage had to be out so far away from our seats. I told him to relax, it was fine… and then I quickly forgot.  Two nights into our trip, we went to our normal happy hour spot and Chris asked if I would go with him down to the water and take a picture of the water reflecting from the sunset. I, however, was adamant about getting another happy hour 2 for 1 drink. As he pulled me away he asked me, “you know I love you right?” I said, “of course”, and proceeded to follow his directions to “get down low to get the right prospective of the reflection” when I stood up and turned around he was on his knee asking me to marry him. The whole beach cheered, it was perfect. We are having a destination wedding in Costa Rica and cannot wait to celebrate in the place we love with our family and friends.