Kimberly and Chris

how we met

We met through Tinder. Somehow Shrek the movie got involved, and Chris swears he was interested because of how strange my profile was: “Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life, if you agree, swipe right!”

how they asked

So at the time of the proposal, I worked in furniture sales to help put myself through college. and post college. I had just finished my degree and my birthday had passed less than 2 weeks ago, but I barely had celebrated with anyone but my Fiance. I had a rough day and things were looking grim at work. Chris had advised me we were going to hang out with our friends this evening for an outdoor BBQ, and we were going to meet up with them around 8PM. So he was going to pick me up around 5PM after work so we can get ready and drive on over to our friend’s place. Well he didn’t pick me up until after 8PM. So I obviously got more and more pissed due to the delay. We ended up getting ready and he started to stall when we were at the grocery store grabbing more things. We got home, and I went into the bathroom real quick and I started to smell smoke, so I figured one of our neighbors was starting on the BBQ. Chris calls me and asks me to go into the backyard where I’m surprised with everyone we know for a surprise birthday/graduation party! Eventually after setting down and getting past the emotions, everyone ends up playing a game of jeopardy where they’re supposed to guess answers about myself and weird fun facts about me. After all the questions get answered and everyone is in regret realizing how little they knew about me, (a lot of people had negative answers! lol) Chris comes around and says there’s a bonus round. While this is going on, I was facing and talking to my future brother in law inquiring about how crazy it is on how fate works on how we met! All of a sudden, I turn and I look at the projector and I see the words “Kim, will you marry me?” On the screen and Chris is down on one knee! My future sister in law screamed, everyone was freaking out, and I said yes! :)

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