Kimberly and Chris

Image 1 of Kimberly and Chris

How We Met

At work. He worked at the bird show and I was a keeper in an area near the bird show. He is an expert bird trainer and he helped me train the birds of prey (owls and hawks).

How They Asked

I work with the lions (cats are my passion) and our big male lion is my ultimate favorite animal I work with. This cat has a favorite toy, cardboard boxes. Chris asked my co-workers for help and they painted the boxes and set up the scenario. I was working late that day and during evening rounds where I check on all the animals, making sure they are all healthy and in the correct location for the night, I came to a lion exhibit with no lions. But there were boxes in front of the viewing window. I came around the corner, Chris was down on one knee and the boxes read “Will You Marry Me?” At that moment my co-workers let the lion out and he ran up to the window and started playing with the boxes. I said YES! It was amazing that he included the lions. The zoo management usually doesn’t approve anything like this so I’m also very thankful they were willing to let them do this. Chris had also made the ring, he carved it out of ebony wood, a hard wood from Africa.