Kimberly and Burke

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How We Met

I was having a girl’s night out at Sway in the West Village September 10, 2010. When I went to order a drink with my best gal Stephanie, Burke spotted my bright blond hair from across the bar. He snuck up behind the two of us and motioned to the bartender that he was picking up our round. When I went to pay, the bartender had said that a very tall gentleman had already taken care of our drinks. I turned around to look for a tall man but Burke had already fled the scene.

Later on in the night, a group of questionable gentlemen including Burke’s friends Amit & Cameron approached me & my friends to strike up a conversation. After Amit insulted my home state of New Jersey, I was not feeling their vibes. I then spotted a tall handsome Burke walking up to his buddies. It was then when I asked him if he had taken care of our round and he said yes.

After hitting it off, we exchanged numbers and Facebook information. The next day was stalker-city. I mistakenly thought Burke had a girlfriend and decided to be instantly over it. Burke did not realize this until 5 months later on January 15th, 2011 when I posted a description of my dream man on a Facebook status. Burke then replied to the “ad” and we started talking for a few months before our very first date on April 14,2011 at Gyu KaKu in Midtown.

Here was the “ad”:

Loves to eat, works out, confident,not cocky, doesn’t already have a gf, makes pancakes, has a dimple( or two), supports himself, mentally stable (haha), anti drugs (mj is ok), watches Dexter, dances, and rough around the edges…. Is that too much to ask for?

how they asked

Burke surprised me with a getaway to my favorite place on earth, Scotland. We first stayed in Edinburgh then drove up to Dunnotar Castle on the Eastern Coast just North of St Andrews.

Burke had purchased the ring and had it hidden in a safe deposit box across the street from his office 4 months prior. He dropped many hints to me but didn’t expect him to propose on his very own birthday.

When we got to the castle, Burke convinced me to take a walk over to a small peninsula with beautiful waterfalls. He then told me to put my camera bag down to get closer to the cliff’s edge. Burke then stopped the walk short, turned me to him and told me how I was his Disney Princess. I blacked out and Burke got down on one knee to propose. I came back to reality and said yes….

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Special Thanks

David Barclay
 | Photography