Kimberly and Bryan

how we met

Bryan and I are a match made couple. Yes, that’s right… brought us together. It all started with a couple of online profiles and a “Hi, how are you?” message from him to me. It took me a few days to respond to his message – I ignored it at first, because, c’mon man, is that all you got? But something about his profile drew me in and I had to say hi back. We talked on the phone every day for hours until we met up a week later at a little brewery halfway between both our hometowns. Our first date is one of my favorite memories… we ended up 80 feet in the air on a fire tower in Hocking Hills. It was perfection. I knew this guy was someone special!

how they asked

A trail of rose petals greeted me when I returned home from a trip to see my sister in Florida. A note on my bedroom door read, “Will you be mine forever? Yes or No.” Of course I circled yes and entered the room. He was standing there in the middle of rose petal heart, holding a single rose. He had written a little note, because he is the organized one in the relationship, and asked me if I’d be his wife.

Special Thanks

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