Kimberly and Barry

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How We Met

I have lived in San Francisco for almost 17 years and at the time when Barry and I met, he was traveling all over the world filming Virtual Reality films for the United Nations and he was living part-time here in San Francisco and part-time in New York City. We were introduced by a mutual friend who was also in the video making business. When she suggested we should go on a blind date she said that she thought we were in her words, “two peas in a pod”. Our first date was over noodles and sake and when the waiter came over to take our order he said, “take your time, I know what it is like to want to catch up with old friends.” From that first date, we knew there was a connection. Our dates were pretty spread out as he and I both had packed travel schedules and like to move and shake. For our fourth date, he flew up to Seattle where I was living for a month and he stayed with me for almost five days. Luckily, it went well. For our next date, we met and stayed together at SXSW, which is where our romance really started to blossom. From then on we overcame a few obstacles, started to create a deep connection, and really realized that we had something more unique and special than we have ever felt before. Since then we have traveled all around the world to places such as Tulum, New York City, camped all over California, Seattle, and Georgia. We have a shared love for adventure, education, media, outdoors and really are two peas in a pod.

how they asked

Barry speaks at conferences and events all around the world and for a trip to Australia, he made it work so I could join. We spent some time in Sydney site-seeing while Barry wasn’t working and then planned a trip 3 hours south to Jervis Bay. We checked into our B&B, went for a walk along the water, and then got ready for dinner at The Paperbark Camp. We arrived, ordered some wine, chatted about what to get for dinner. Barry had arranged with a wedding planner to have the server bring me out the most beautiful arrangement of unique flowers.

Barry and I love funky and unusual flowers that we call “space flowers” and the arrangement was amazing. He then got on his knee and asked him to marry him to which I responded, “of course!”

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There was a photographer that he hired that was able to capture the moment. We were able to take a few photos with her and forever we will have the moment captured on film. We had a lovely dinner and then went out to the campfire to look at the stars and drink champagne.

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Special Thanks

Clare Foreman
 | Planning
L'escargot Ivre
 | Photographer
Paperbark Camp
 | Location/Dinner