Kimberly and Anthony

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Everglades National Park

How We Met

Anthony and I met my freshman year in college! We both attended Florida State University, and the first week I was there I needed someone to help me connect my cable. One person led me to another until they led me to him & he made it a point to “help me” however he NEVER did 😝 We became really good friends and 6 months later he asked me to be his girlfriend and we never looked back.

How They Asked

On the day we got engaged on December 29th, 2019 I had originally scheduled a family photoshoot with one of my favorite photographers @laurapalaciosphotography to shoot baby announcement photos. We are having baby #3 & it’s our last so I wanted to do something different & shoot baby announcement photos. That morning he woke up extra early and said he couldn’t sleep so he was going to stop by the office before going to get a hair cut. When he got home we all got ready and headed for our family photo shoot, the girls acted up as expected and I was getting a little frustrated. He was on his phone the entire shoot but somehow remained calm through the girls’ cries, while trying to keep me happy. All of a sudden our photographer sent to go check on a location where we could catch the “sunset.” He left and never returned so she convinced me to walk through piles of mud to look for him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Everglades National Park

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Everglades National Park

As we approached the location I started seeing people, and she tried to convince me that they were to see the sunset, however, I quickly realized that those people were all looking at ME! I was literally bawling as I got closer and realized that my entire immediate family was standing there as he stood at the top. The moment I had dreamed of for SIX years was about to happen. I walked up a path of family and friends as they handed me sunflowers and the song Perfect by Ed Shereen & Beyoncé played in the background. I walked up to him we cried, we laughed, he go on one knee & I said YES YES YES! Six-Year, 2 girls + a baby on the way I finally said yes to spending the rest of my life with my college sweetheart & the love of my life!

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