Kimberly and Andrew

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how they asked

Although our proposal story isn’t one for the books, (it was intimate and in our home) the story of how we met and the literal journey has been blowing everyone’s minds. I will start off by saying that I am 14 months postop total hip replacement and Andrew is 15 months post op total hip replacement. Perhaps not mind-blowing until you find out that we were only 27 and 28 years old. We met on an informational/support group Facebook forum for people with the disease avascular necrosis. (I know – a little crazy) After endless phone calls & video chats for five months, we decided to meet in person. Many plane trips & two months later, he decided to make the 17-hour drive & move from Texas to Ohio! We’ve lived together now for 3 months & are so happy to say we’ve finally met our match. Whoever would have thought that a single surfer dude from Texas would move across the country and raise my son with me (he’s 7) without any reservations. Andrew has truly been a blessing. If anything has become of this terrible condition they call AVN, it’s that We’ve found one another & understand the journey. Support, forever. No matter what your battle may be, because we all have them, keep your head up.. it does get better. It takes a lot of time, love & faith. I hope the story bring some smiles and inspiration to other people. As the saying goes, anything is possible! #hippies4life #TakeThatEharmony #bionicwarriors

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