Kimberly and Adam

How We Met

Adam and I are from the same town and attended the same high school. It wasn’t until the summer of 2010 that we really started “talking.” One of my best friends and I had met up with him and a few of his friends to go swimming out on the Chain of Lakes, where our engagement photos took place, and afterwards I had told her that “I was definitely going to date him.” After that day, we started hanging out more and more and then started officially dating right before we both left for college. We both attended Central Michigan University – so it worked out pretty well. In 2015, we decided to move to Virginia Beach after we both had graduated from college. That is what landed him in the Navy!

In the summer of 2016, he moved back home before attending boot camp, and we had actually broken up at that time. When he got out of boot camp and started his Nuclear Engineering program in Charleston, South Carolina, he had texted me wanting to see if there was “something still there between us.” I agreed to meet up with him, and low and behold – there was still something there for both of us! We have been together ever since.

We have made it through two different Navy schools, one in Charleston, and the other in Pensacola, FL – all while I was still living in Virginia Beach. Once he graduated from his aviation school he got to choose where he would like to be stationed. We both were excited when he got stationed at Oceana Naval Base in Virginia Beach!! We have not experienced a deployment yet, but he will be going out in 2020. He has gone on a two week detachment on the boat, been to Panama City Beach and the Keys for two weeks for training. The year of our wedding will be busy as for he will be going on several work-ups, and detachments to get ready for the deployment. The distance and him leaving for a few weeks are hard, but I feel as though it has made our relationship stronger than it has ever been before.

How They Asked

Adam proposed on October 10, 2017 while we were carving pumpkins. I noticed he was very antsy to get the pumpkins that night than waiting to go to the pumpkin patch like I had wanted to. We both got two pumpkins and he had to help me out with mine because I suck at carving pumpkins and he legit is amazing at it! When he was carving his second pumpkin, I was painting mine and making popcorn. I had went into the kitchen to get the popcorn and a glass of wine and he had turned off the lights had me sit down and close my eyes, and when I opened them there was the carved pumpkin that said “Marry Me” on it. He was down on one knee, holding the ring, and I was in such utter belief, that I didn’t even believe it was real! I, of course, said yes and we are getting married June 15, 2019 in Bluffton, South Carolina.”


Special Thanks

Photos by Ciera
 | Photography