Kimberly and Aaron

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How We Met

We met about three years ago on a blind date at my house. Aaron’s friend brought him over and we were all swimming. At one point, Aaron picked me up and slammed me down in the water! All I could think was “game on” and we were wrestling and flirting the rest of the night. He asked for my number that night and then asked me to be his girlfriend twelve days later.

how they asked

We were on a Carnival cruise headed to Mexico with Aaron’s family and it was so nice to be able to relax. The Captain’s dinner was the second night of the cruise, so we dressed up really nice and headed to the dining room. Now that I think about it, everyone was being abnormally quiet at dinner, but I thought nothing of it at the time. At one point, it was Aaron’s brother’s responsibility to pass the ring over and he accidentally dropped it on the ground! I just figured it was his phone or something, I’m sure Aaron was even more nervous at that point.

We go through our first two courses and now it’s time for dessert! All of a sudden the lights dimmed and I see my waiter place a heart-shaped chocolate cake with a candle in it, in front of me. On the plate it said, “Will You Marry Me?”

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and as the tears start pouring out, I see Aaron get down on one knee.

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As I was able to squeak out a “Yes!” everyone in the room began to clap and cheer. A photographer stopped and took pictures of the entire moment too! It was absolutely the most captivating moment of my life!

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We enjoyed the rest of our vacation as the future Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Phillips:)

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