Kimberli and Thomas

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How We Met

Basically long story short we met at a party 4 years ago. I was leaving and was with my friend and his friend and we went to get food after. He asked if he could come and why would I turn him down?! We stayed up talking until 9 am. I knew from the second I met him he was truly special and the person I would marry. We moved pretty quickly in our relationship

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How They Asked

We went to the holiday reflections display at Union Station. I had booked this months prior and was so excited. We talked about doing other things before and he was adamant to go ice skating. However, we have an almost 2-year-old and it was FREEZING outside so we decided to skip the ice skating. While we were at the display he kept mentioning family pictures and getting a good family picture while there because the light setups were beautiful.

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We decided the clock tower display with the mistletoe was nice so we tried there. Oddly he wanted just one of him and me without our daughter…I still hadn’t caught on. So we’re taking pictures and I was rushing him because well there was a line and my anxiety was kicking in making people wait. I go to step off the clock tower display and he grabs my hand and says wait… I turn around and he was on one knee. It was such a surprise and I was in complete shock! I still have no clue how he pulled it off but it was better than I imagined.

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Special Thanks

Tina Myers
 | Photographer