Kimberley-Rae and Daniel

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How We Met: Daniel and I met at a photoshoot in 2013 through my modeling agent, Grace Lau. I had just arrived back in Vancouver after working abroad in Singapore, when Grace asked if in my spare time I wanted to experience another side of the industry and be her photography assistant for a day. Instead of being the model, in front of the camera, I would be adjusting clothing garments, holding the reflectors and assisting in any other necessary way. She went on to explain she would be shooting a YouTube stars acting head shots and that she could use the extra hand.

She then let me know ‘he has a girlfriend,’ which I never quite understood why I was being told this detail.

I agreed and showed up to the shoot with no make-up, hair messy and a casual, everyday outfit.

I remember walking through the door and looking down at the floor to remove my shoes. I heard a voice and that is when I looked up and saw my now fiance, Daniel Kim.

I looked up and thought “oh my GOSH! He is GORGEOUS!” Immediately feeling embarrassed and under-dressed.

The shoot began and all seemed normal. I found him asking me ‘what would you rather?’ questions, like “would you rather date a singer or a dancer?”

Reflecting after, and thinking I had answered the questions all wrong, with answers that didn’t point to him… I found out that he is a well rounded and talented individual… and that in fact all answers pointed to him regardless.

Smart man, trick questions!

After the shoot I spent time with my two agents both Grace and Pacifica, where we were gossiping about the shoot and how handsome I thought Daniel indeed was. That is when I was re-informed “no, Kimberley… he doesn’t have a girlfriend!” My face probably went blank.

We found one another on Facebook but didn’t talk.

I returned back to Singapore the following month and took on another contract.

When November rolled around, I received a message to my inbox from Daniel. He asked when I will be back from Singapore and if we can meet up to catch up and also so that I can tell him all about my trip.

I was actually leaving Singapore that night and returning back home to Vancouver to surprise my family. The timing was spot on!

We were both excited but neither knew each others level of interest or intentions. He promised after releasing PopDanthology in December we would meet up…

And so we did! The rest is history!

how they asked: Late July, my agent Grace had sent me an e-mail confirmation for an upcoming jewelry catalog booking that would be for the brand Olive and Piper, and was set to take place on Wednesday August 12th. The evening before, I packed so many different dresses for the shoot and planned to bring a big 5 pound watermelon for a church picnic after. Daniel tried to convince me to pack less, and that he’d be ‘working and filming a new vlog and wasn’t sure if I could drop by with the watermelon’ “Why is this so complicated? It will take 30 seconds. I just want to drop it off I don’t have to carry it to work.” I explained. Finally he agreed. When I arrived at Daniel’s, he was wearing half casual work attire, and half pajamas. We greeted and said we would see one another after for the picnic.

On arrival at the Private Residences at Georgia Hotel, I was lead to a room where hair and make-up would take place. I saw signs on the door saying “Olive and Piper make-up and hair” and “Olive and Piper photoshoot.” I was thinking the shoot was set up very organized and professionally. Even more surprising, was when one of my all time favourite make-up artists greeted me, Annie. We both ‘had no idea’ we would be working on this ‘shoot’ together.

When we finally finished, I opened the doors to where the shoot was being held, and noticed massive white blow-up balls that said “love” in bold black letters on them. I continued to walk and there were multiple photographers all snapping shots of me. I stood confused, wondering if these were behind the scenes shots. I turned back in front of me to see my boyfriend, coming out from behind one of the big love balls. He looked incredibly handsome, and I noticed a small microphone on his blazer.

Feeling so overwhelmed, and confused my head began to question what was going on. When I looked at him, I saw the most genuine and nervous smile, happy, teary eyes and as he spoke, I heard words filled with so much love. I could barely hear what he was saying, but as I heard bits and pieces, I knew what was happening. He got down on one knee and I can only pray I said “YES!” He really got me! What a surprise!

The unbelievable plan was explained to me, how I was ‘punked’ and how the entire shoot was a set up through Just Because Vancouver, a company known for their proposal expertise and how it was executed with the help of my agency. I was told how it was Daniel receiving the wardrobe photos and selecting the dress I would wear that day, how none of the people on set were actually here for a catalog modeling job. I learned Daniel had went the day after I went on my most recent work trip to Singapore, in April, to ask for my parents blessing and that Daniel had entered a contest to receive the perfect proposal package! The beautiful details that went into the package were astounding, such as decor, flowers, videography, photography, customized suit and proposal idea, all tailored to suit us and even more.

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I really want to give an extravagant thank you to Just Because Vancouver and to all the vendors who participated giving garments, photos, services and so on… for being abundantly kind, caring and sweet. You really made us both feel so special on this day. I could not of dreamed of a better proposal. This marks my most treasured and best day alive yet.

Proposal Planners – Just Because Vancouver //Decor & Styling – Big Love Ball // Custom Suit Providers – Indochino // Fashion Jewelry – Cavalier Jewellers // Haircut, Styling & Products for Groom – Barber & Co // Photography – Kim James Photography // Videography Farawayland Studios // Additional Videography + Editing – Andy Catsirelis, Jenna Aalten & Soof Studios // Venue – Hotel Georgia Private Residences // Champagne & Hors d’oeuvres – Hawksworth Restaurant // Florals – Flower Factory // Make-Up & Hair for the Bride – Annie Chang Make Up