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Kimberley's Proposal in South Pointe Pier - Miami, FL

How We Met

Seems like yesterday I was at a sixteenth birthday watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs when in walks the most annoying person I had ever met. I didn’t even get a chance to introduce myself before he started making fun of me. I left the party that night hoping I would never see him again, little did I know, six years later I’d be counting down the days till we get to say “I do.”

Jason and I didn’t have the greatest start, like people say, first impressions are everything, and our first impression of each other was terrible. When we first met, Jason could care less about anything in life other than music and long-boarding and I didn’t have time for guys because my future was in an ivy league, or so I thought. I’ve always said God has a sense of humor and it was clearly evident as my relationship with Jason began to unfold.

We went from practically hating each other’s guts, to best friends, to crushes facing an imminent heartbreak, to finally dating. When we first started liking each other everyone thought it would fail, including us. Our passions were aligned in different directions and we could never seem to reach a compromise until the day we let God intervene. God has worked in our hearts to such an extent that when we look back we can see how much we have evolved and transformed, not only as a couple, but as individuals. The first ten months of our relationship were some of the toughest moments I’ve faced in my life.

We were faced with many trials, but through Christ we were able to overcome them. All seemed well in paradise until Jason decided to pursue his pharmacy career in West Palm Beach. Now, West Palm may not be in a different state but it’s almost two hours away from my small suburb in Miami, so for us, it was a huge move. The move came with its fair share of struggles, but it also brought certainty in our hearts that we would want to be together forever.

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After Jason moved up to West Palm Beach, I decided to go surprise him one night with a couple of friends. I had no idea that night was the night Jason would look at me and decide he was ready to spend the rest of his life with me.

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About six months later I was at a salon getting my nails done in a color Jason picked out and little did I know that day would change my life forever. That day seemed like the busiest day of my life. I had a graduation during the day then a birthday dinner at night. While I was getting ready for the graduation I remembered I had left a birthday gift someone gave me the night before at my church. Amidst all the craziness I drove all the way to my church then back to Coral Gables for the graduation. I almost ran into Jason while he was filming the surprise engagement video, but when he heard I was going to church he made sure to leave as soon as possible.

Kimberley and Jason's Engagement in South Pointe Pier - Miami, FL

Engagement Proposal Ideas in South Pointe Pier - Miami, FL

Shortly after the graduation we went to my friends house to celebrate and my best friend Ra wouldn’t stop calling me to change into one of my favorite white dresses. I started feeling a little suspicious but I didn’t want to raise my hopes and later get them destroyed when Jason didn’t propose. Once I changed, Ra picked me up and started speeding to this mysterious birthday dinner (my birthday had been a few days before and we were supposedly going on a double date to celebrate).

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Where to Propose in South Pointe Pier - Miami, FL

I don’t know how Ra managed, she was so nervous she could barely keep a conversation going. We arrived at this beautiful restaurant near the water and I knew something was up. I started to get nervous as if someone was about to pop out of nowhere and surprise me. Throughout the day, I kept trying to talk to Jason but he was too busy to answer and I didn’t think much of it either.

Earlier that day, Jason told me he had lost his wallet and I started to freak out a little. I walked into the restaurant, Ra by my side and the boys nowhere in site, and the hostess looks at me and tells me she didn’t have any reservation for four. At this point I was full blown freaking out because so many things were going wrong. Ra decided to take me on a little journey down the pier by the restaurant to try and calm me down. As we’re walking I couldn’t help but complain about how much my feet were killing me in my heels and how much I really needed to sit and take the shoes off. Ra ignored me and forced me to keep walking.

Almost towards the end of the pier I saw a little girl holding a sign that said “Hey Dear, keep walking.” At that moment my heart stopped. So many people were looking at me whispering and I couldn’t believe it. Then another girl pops up with a sign that read “You’re almost there.”

At this point my eyes were so watery I could barely see in front of me, and for those that know me, I tend to nervous laugh when I want to cry in public. Finally, I reached the end of the pier and there he was, the man of my dreams, holding his guitar about to serenade me and propose.

Once he finished singing, a song that has touched both our hearts since the day we met, he got down on one knee and I burst out in nervous laughter and barely let him finish speaking before saying yes. I couldn’t believe the moment I had waited for my whole life was finally happening and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to share my future with.

Almost five years ago, by our church entrance, he asked me jokingly for my hand in marriage and I ran away in embarrassment. Who knew, a few years later I’d be nervously laughing my tears away as I said yes to forever by his side.

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