Kimberley and David

How We Met: David and I met eight years ago in our first term at the University of York. Our mutual friend had arranged a night out in town to celebrate the Christmas holiday and David and I shared a taxi into town together… the rest is history!

Image 1 of Kimberley and David

how they asked: David woke me up at 5am and said I had to get up! I remember being really confused as I thought we were visiting friends that weekend. He said that he’d got the time of the taxi wrong and I needed to get dressed. I stumbled downstairs and he had ordered a lovely car, I got very suspicious when the driver asked if I knew where we were going!

We drove past a beautiful sunrise over St. Paul’s cathedral and to St. Pancras station. Thankfully I put my makeup on whilst on the train as before I knew it we were in beautiful Belgium! David completely swept me off my feet, getting us a picnic before we went round the corner to the river Leie where he had rented us a boat! We spent an hour and a half motoring along, having our picnic and a wonderful time.

I was driving the boat past a beautiful church when he lent over and said ‘I think you should slow the boat down!’ I didn’t as when I turned around to look at him, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring!

Image 2 of Kimberley and David

All I remember then was crying and hugging him before I noticed someone on the shore – taking pictures! He’d organised a photographer to capture the amazing moment!

Image 4 of Kimberley and David

We had a wonderful two hour boat ride back to the centre of Ghent where David presented me with an amazing bouquet of roses. It was completely perfect!!

Image 3 of Kimberley and David