Kimberley and Daren

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How We Met

Our love story began on October 2016, meeting through our mutual friends in Clermont Florida. It was strange on how we met. But I’m sure its moment I will never forget…’s our story. It was the day after the passing of my later father, we were having a wake for his respect. There was a lot of people everywhere in our home so I decided to go outside to get some fresh air with my cousin, and to help her with giving dinner to friends and family. When suddenly my moms yells for me to come inside quickly. So in a rush I leave everything and go inside thinking something was wrong. Upon arriving inside the house I see a young man standing next to my mom. Yes! my mom was trying to hook us up! Talk about the time and place lol. After Daren and I met, we exchanged numbers and I must say things got serious pretty fast. You know how people usually say you’ll know when you find the one, or you’ll know when he’s the one? I knew from the moment we shared our first memory that he was the one. And more importantly I truly believe it was my dad that sent Daren into my family’s life. And the rest you know is HISTORY.

how they asked

How he proposed. let the pictures speak for themselves.

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