Kimberley and Dallas

How We Met

Dallas and I met in High School. English Class, Dallas first noticed me by my smile on the day I got my braces off. It wasn’t til end of 2005 that we became friends, we went out back and forward all though til early 2009. I broke things to consentrate on year 12 and my family had a lot to do with the decision too. School finished we both went our separate ways I got married, he had a couple of kids. Late 2014 I got back into contact as we attended the same gym. After many text messages and a two hour long conversation on the phone. We decided to catch up. I though what’s the harm both moved on, but no that wasn’t the case. We soon found out that what we had was real, we just couldn’t handle it. We decided that our relationship deserved to be rekindled.

how they asked

It was the end of May 2015 it was my 25th birthday party, he has organized my friend to travel and decorated his mothers shed in my favorite colors purple. When I arrived at his mums place he went to get ready, I was sitting on the couch and he returned wearing the same shirt I had brought him to wear to my 18th birthday, couldn’t believe it still fitted and he kept it all this time.!We had spoken about marriage before. We were listening music playing with the nieces, playing pool. BBQ tea. He took his mum and best mate outside, I didn’t think anything of it I was to busy enjoying myself and losing at darts. Our song came on Thinking Out Aloud. He came got me from my seat took me to the middle of the shed and got down on one knee, he told me how much he loves me and how happy I make him, and that he was never going to let me go again. He cried but through the cry I heard the word I was longing to heard. My name had never sounded so sweet. I knew he wanted to ask, cause the asked me if a ring was important to me I said it was but he had made up his mind. On my actual birthday 2nd June we spent the day ring shopping, best birthday present ever!