Kimberley and Dallas

How We Met

We meet at our high schools end of year activities, year 8 2005, my brst friend didn’t come to ice skating so I spent the day with another friend who was dating Dallas on and off, The same week we went to a local pool where I was once left without my best friend so I continued to hang out with Dallas and his friends. I dated one of his mates for the summer, The end of summer I ended things and then rang Dallas asking how his friend was ok, turns out Dallas and I had English together and on the 17th of October 2005 Dallas told another boy in the class I want to know that girl, it was the day I got my braces off. Long talks on the phone late at night turned into texting all day then to dating on and off until 2008 when I was made to make a decision weather to let my horse go or Dallas as my parents didn’t like him at all. I was 18 at the time about to start year 12, I remember thinking who finds the one in high school so I choose my best friend and horse, Rouge. By the end of year 12, 2009 I was engaged to Dallas best mate and living together fast forward til October 2014 a month after I got married and Dallas had a son. We got back in contact it took on conversation to discover that my heart was and had always been with Dallas, he felt the same way. We decided then and there that we deserved to see where our relationship ends up.

how they asked

My 25th Birthday Party that he throw for me at his mums house, he decided that I was to be his forever and always, after asking his mum and best mate at the time for primission to ask my to marry him. He put on our song “Thinking Out Aloud” Ed Sheran and came and brought me into the middle of the party and got down in one knee, we then spent my actual Birthday ring shopping where we choose a ring..

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