Kimberley and Anthony

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How We Met

We both worked for the Student’s Union on different campuses for the same university and, as my term was coming to an end, we had a year-end meeting to discuss what worked/didn’t work for the year, and he was asked to join to represent the other campus. We chatted a little bit but then went separate ways with nothing more than a social media follow to keep us connected. Throughout the summer we liked each other’s posts, and then one day I decided to comment on a picture of his dog (couldn’t help myself, I’m dog obsessed), this prompted him to reach out and ask how I was doing and what I was up to. We went on a date that week and have been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

We had just arrived at our Disney resort with some friends and immediately dropped our stuff to head to the Magic Kingdom. Anth was determined we go check out Cinderella’s Wishing Well cause he had heard it was a sweet little hidden spot (Side note: he had mentioned this place a couple of weeks prior which set off alarm bells for me and, realizing this, he followed up later with a conversation about “waiting a while before getting engaged” and “enjoying living together for now” which completely succeeded in throwing me off). Anyways, everything that could go wrong was going wrong; there was a problem with the new technology buses they were using at Disney so what should have been a 10-minute wait for a bus was a 45-minute wait.

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When we finally arrived at the park we went to swipe in, and our bands didn’t work. We had purchased discounted Canadian Resident tickets and needed to go check-in at the box office (to prove we were, in fact, Canadian Citizens), it was at this moment that he realized in our haste to get there he had forgotten his ID at the resort, so we had to bus all the way back to the resort to get his ID and then all the way back again (about 20 minutes each way).

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We finally arrived and got into the park and the sun was just starting to set. We found Cinderella’s Wishing Well and each walked up to make a wish. As I had been wishing on anything for what felt like forever, my silent wish was that he would propose soon. When he asked me what I wished for I told him I couldn’t tell him or it wouldn’t come true. His response was, “Well this is what I wished for,” as he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. Through the tears of joy streaming down my face at this point I said yes to spending forever with my best friend.

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