Kim + Vaughn | A Shane Co. Couple

Kim and I shared many close encounters before we actually met. Our Moms have been friends for years and over the years never thought to introduce us.


In December 2012, however, I saw her leaving church and told a mutual friend I was going to marry her before we even exchanged a word. I admired her from a distance for weeks, taking note of her natural beauty and appealing personality among other qualities that set her apart from anyone else I knew. I was finally introduced to her at the end of a church service a few weeks later. The moment we shook hands and the way she smiled won me over.

We made our relationship official not long after and celebrated the day every month. I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Kim but we took it slowly, enjoying every moment of our time together and making an effort to partake in activities outside our comfort zone every chance we got.

I started shopping for engagement rings in late October of 2013. I visited a couple of stores but none of their engagement rings stood out to me like the designs at Shane Co. After the ring was purchased then the ball started rolling.

The Proposal: I knew I wanted to pull off something out of the ordinary that would be a complete surprise. I did some research and found Blueridge Helicopter Company and the Studio DRB, who later connected me to CJC Photography for pictures.

Since Kim and I always celebrated our anniversary on the 20th of every month, and our anniversary would fall on a Sunday I chose the 19th instead for maximum surprise.

The day arrived and the weather was crazy but our flight took off with Bill as our pilot. The turbulence was strong and I could see Kim getting scared so we asked Bill to turn around. I secretly texted the photographer (Caya) to let her know there was a change in plans so she could prepare to catch the shots.


I started by reciting a speech I had prepared before we landed but Kim couldn’t hear me over the helicopter, so I started again while waiting for the engine to cool. I exited and hurried around to take Kim’s hand and got down on my knee. She was surprised from the first second.

I completed my speech with “will you marry me?” With tears flowing down her face she said YES!!. After a moment she finally spotted the photographer. We posed for a few shots before heading to Adams Restaurant and Piano Bar to complete the surprise. I had prearranged floral delivery and champagne. We took a few more pictures and had a wonderful dinner. Spending the time after dinner to share the news with family, enjoying their pure reaction of surprise, happiness and excitement made the whole day special.



Kim’s Ring: The staff at Shane Co. were so helpful throughout the ring shopping process and followed my instructions to the letter.


The ring I chose really spoke to me; it was unique in design and attracted me as easily as Kim did. I knew she wanted color but I wanted a colorless diamond, so I chose a setting that included my birth stone color so she could have a piece of me with her at all times. I choose the kite setting because it is not every day you see a ring with this style, plus it just seemed to fit. For the diamond itself I chose a princess cut, well because Kim is my princess! All these elements combined make this a ring as unique as my future wife.

Photos by  CJC Photography