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How We Met

I met this fantastic woman 3 years ago and it has been the most amazing relationship I have ever had.. I always said I wasn’t ever gonna marry until I found this amazing woman! It was time for this beast to marry his beauty and live happily ever after.. So I proposed to her in front of the castle at the most magical place in the world and where dreams come true, Disney World.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney World

We met at a small restaurant we both worked at. I was in charge of the kitchen and she was a waitress. She had her eye on me and I was fresh out of a 5 year relationship and and was just doing the dating thing, not taking anything to serious.. She had been in a rough relationship as well and just loosing her mom to cancer not long before that.. Our boss had told us that there was no dating employees because of the conflicts. Eventually she sent me a “friend request”. We hung out a couple times and had so much fun that the feelings just kept getting stronger. We had to keep it as low key as possible. We would go places she had never been before and she loved that I had wanted to do so much with her and go so many places.. We had the best of times just up and leaving to go on an adventure or loading up the kids to go somewhere fun.

None of us knew we was starting memories, we were just having fun. Keeping it a secret was very hard. Neither one of us wanted to loose our jobs.. Eventually the boss found out and was actually alright with it.. She had two kids from a previous relationship, a son that was a little over a year old and a daughter that was seven. I already had a son that was ten years old from my previous relationship. Combining our family worked just as it should have after we decided to get a 3 bedroom house. We had 2 boys and 1 girl. A few months after living together we had an unexpected surprise. Kim had came to me and said she was pregnant. At this point I was in shock, it’s been 10 years since I last took care of a baby,but didn’t take long to accept another little one was coming into our lives. Little did we know that bringing a beautiful baby girl into my world would bring us all together so much more.

Soon after we got that news, I got the call from a good friend of mine for a much better job and getting out of he food industry. Everything was coming together just perfectly! I have always told her that I don’t ever wanna get married when the subject came up. She always frowned on that. She had been married once before but it was a courthouse wedding. Over time our relationship just got better and better. We had friends, family, and acquaintances asking us when we gonna get married. The signs that I should were just overwhelming. When our daughter arrived, it was at that moment I knew I wanted to raise my daughter with this woman and our 3 kids for the rest of my life. It’s almost like we was sent to each from a very special angel (her mom) and tied us together with a miracle. Everything seemed so complete. Times got a little rough for a while after our daughter arrived. Late nights and early mornings.. Not only do I love this woman because she has given me a wonderful baby girl, but she is my best friend!

how they asked

The proposal didn’t take to much planning. Earlier last year me and her wanted to give the kids an amazing Christmas gift. Something that would last a lifetime. So on Christmas we had them open a present to all of them. It was a trip to Disney World.. Immediately after we booked the trip I said to myself,PERFECT, that’s when I’ll do it.. I didn’t tell a sole about it in fear of her finding out. I kept it a secret to myself for at least six months. Now I had to figure out how to get the ring without her knowing. Then which one would she like? I had the perfect chance to buy her ring on Black Friday.. She went into the store to get a new phone and gave me plenty of time to go pick out a ring for her. We was at the ring store a couple days before and she always has to stop at the jewelry section. I thought to myself, pay close attention to the ones she likes. After getting the ring I had to sneak it back home and hide it real good! The day of the proposal I was nervous as I could be, but remained very calm. I had just told my boy the night before what I was gonna do.

Kim and Buddy's Engagement in Disney World

I needed him to video taped it for me. We entered the park and there are always photographers lined down Main Street in Magic Kingdom. We got in line for one and nerves were hitting me hard. It was about to happen. We was up and I told her to go ahead and I leaned into the photographer and let her know I was about to propose. She was so excited and on board. She told us to face each other and looked into each other’s eyes. I looked into Kim’s eyes and told her that I love her and wanna spend the rest of my life with her. Then got down on one knee and said “we are the most magical place in the world.” “Where dreams come true.” “I wanna make yours come true.” “Will you marry me?”

Kim's Proposal in Disney World

She had the ring that was on that finger off, new one outta box and on her finger quicker then I could stand up. Then told me yes. The photographer had us take a couple more pictures and we were both shaking like the leaves on a tree. The planning began before we left the park that day. We grabbed our just engaged buttons and even got a fast pass from a crew member as a congratulations. I don’t think there was anything that could have wiped the smile off of our faces! It was truly an epic day and trip for us.

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