Kim and Thomas

How We Met

I met Thomas at a nightclub in Vegas 5 years ago and wrote off any possibility of a relationship with him as soon as I found out that he lived over 350 miles away from me. He was from Northern California and I was from Southern California. Starting a long distance relationship seemed out of the question, but we hung out with each other that weekend anyway. We tried to make the most of our time together by staying at the club till closing time and by eating at the late night cafes after. We even stood outside the strip to look for the sunrise but failed cause we were facing west rather than east. That was the best weekend of my life, and I cried on my flight home, thinking I would never see him again. It felt like I was living the movie “Before Sunrise” and had lost “the one.”

Fortunately, my girlfriends and I had a trip to Napa planned 2 weeks after my Vegas trip. Excited about the chance to see Thomas again, I moved my flight to be an earlier one so I could meet up with him. He picked me up from the airport that and said he was going to treat me to McDonalds. Instead, he took me to a steak house in San Francisco and we got a seat that faced the Bay Bridge. Since that night, I’ve fantasized about us taking our engagement photos outside of the restaurant and in front of the Bay Bridge, but I’ve always kept the fantasy to myself.


how they asked

5 years later, Thomas informed me that his co-worker’s boyfriend was going to throw a surprise birthday party for his co-worker and that we had to dress up for photographers. On our way to the party, he informed me that it would be at a restaurant that I knew was next door to the place where we had our first date. When we arrived, he walked us to the back of the restaurant and greeted a girl who was sitting outside with a camera . She said she had to take photos of all the guests and asked us to pose for photos. It was awkward and I hesitated on posing for photos at first. Eventually, I played along and posed in front of the Bay Bridge for the photographer. Then I turned around, looking for Thomas and noticed him on one knee with a small box held in front of him.



Special Thanks

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