Kim and Robert

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How We Met

I was in nursing school 5 years ago and I had a classmate of mine that I connected with. She saw how compassionate and dedicated I was with nursing that she asked me if I was married, had a boyfriend, or had kids. I told her no. She mentioned she had a guy friend that seemed like I would connect and be good friends with and that I should hang out. At first I was a bit hesitant so I agreed but I only gave him my email address. He never emailed me and we all forgot about it. Three months later I was at my lowest point in life. That same nursing school friend of mine invited me to her house to eat dinner with her and her husband. We were all having a good time and then I mentioned about that one guy she was trying for me to connect with and her husband apparently was good friend with him. So he called him and told him I was at their house and to come immediately to meet me. His job was 5 minutes away. I was not really expecting to meet him that day. When he came we shook hands and chatted a bit, but I was super nervous. He had to go back to work but he said he will go back only if I give him my number. I smiled and gave it to him. Then he left and that is when our journey began.

how they asked

We have been together for 5 years now. We have started to travel around the world and this time we visited Japan. We were in Kyoto and had to wake up super early to head to Arashiyama district and see the beautiful Sagano Bamboo forest before the big crowd. As we were walking we were enjoying the sounds of nature and seeing the beauty of the bamboo, so we were also taking pictures. In one moment, he asked me to take a picture of a bamboo, so I did. He then said to take it again because I was not getting it. I took 10 pictures of that same spot and when I turned around, he was in one knee and asked me if I wanted to marry him. I usually don’t jump on him but I did of happiness and said yes! He picked that spot because of the significance of bamboo, strength and prosperity, which is something we both have in our relationship and want to continue forever.

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