Kim and Randy

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How We Met

We actually met in high school. We were really good friends all through out high school and kept in touch through the years. One of the years of our normal “check in” texts messages we both found out we worked for Sutter Health and decided to meet up for happy hour and catch up.

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how they asked

IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Our family goes to Disneyland every December. This time Randy’s family was joining us so we were super excited! We arrived Friday December 8th evening so we could be ready to get up early on Sat December 9th. (I’m kind of a Disney freak…) So we wake up and I’m of course the first one ready waiting anxiously for everyone to get out the door. We meet everyone at the entrance and we map out a game plan. So we decided to start off at Mickey’s House since my little cousin (whom is disabled) wanted to see him. Due to his disability we get called back to this secret entrance which I didn’t think nothing of. We all get in this room with Mickey Mouse to take pictures when one of the cast members yell “Is there a Kimberly Martinez Here?” and I’m like “yes!” and then she says, “Looks like we have a Mickey Gram.”

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I get this envelope and open it and its a letter from Randy. I read the first line and immediately felt my face turn red and hands started shaking and tears coming down. I knew it was finally the moment! Surrounded by all our family and look at Randy and he is on his knee asking me to marry him!!!! I’m laughing and crying and O give him a thumbs up! because I simply was in shock and no words could even come out!!!! It was beyond perfect…

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