Kim and Patrick

How We Met

One Summer night in 2015, Kim took her recycling to the curb and found Patrick standing in her front yard. He was helping a friend move into the townhouse next door and holding a giant cardboard box. Kim thought he was cute.

Turns out, Patrick thought Kim was cute too because, a couple of days later, the friend (playing matchmaker) made plans for the three of them to meet for drinks.

It would have been great if Kim had wanted to have drinks with both of them, but she didn’t. She only wanted to hang out with Patrick. So, on the day of the meeting, she taped a note to the friend’s door saying “I can’t make it to happy hour but please give Patrick my phone number.”

Patrick called. They’ve been together ever since.

How They Asked

Patrick proposed early in the morning after a business trip. Kim was confused by his timing but realized that the ring had been delivered overnight and was burning a hole in his pocket. He got down on one knee, she said “yes”, and then had coffee.


Special Thanks