Kim and Kyle

Image 1 of Kim and Kyle

Kyle and I first met almost 2 years ago next to a carousel on the National Mall in Washington DC. I had just moved to the States from South Africa and was hoping to just make some friends in my new home city as I knew literally no one! We some how randomly got put on the same kickball team and since then have pretty much been inseparable.

Saturday morning Kyle had planned to get brunch and walk the dog that we were taking care of for the weekend. Everything seemed completely normal right up until we were walking past the same spot we met. He stopped, wouldn’t budge when I wanted to keep walking and had a bit of a strange look on his face! He then went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. This was the best day of my life and the most special moment I have experienced.

Image 2 of Kim and Kyle

This man is more than I ever dreamed of and I still can’t believe he chose me.

Kyle, you are my one in 7.3 billion.