Kim and Kevin

Image 1 of Kim and Kevin

how they asked

Kevin and I bought our first house and we were receiving the keys on Friday. Little did I know he got the keys Thursday to paint quotes all over the walls. He told me we had an interview with the news set up by our agent Randy, on being first time home buyers. I arrived at the house ready and nervous for the interview. I walk in and saw Kevin with the photographer and lots of rose petals.

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He had painted the timeline of our lives with pictures from each city, quotes from our favorite song (I choose you by Andy Grammar), and a love note.

Image 3 of Kim and Kevin

It was so amazing that our agent contacted the local Milwaukee news to do a piece on us, and have it run that week! My students were excited that they knew a ‘celebrity’ now. Link to the interview!

Image 4 of Kim and Kevin

Special Thanks

Randy Lee
 | Planning
Wendy Schreier
 | Photographer