Kim and Jess

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Copper Mountain, Colorado

How We Met

We met in college… “in a kayak” (as Jess likes to say). We both attended the University of South Carolina and during my senior year and his junior year we both wound up in a kayaking class for fun. We chatted throughout class and on the last day, he asked for my number. I didn’t think much of it (I didn’t think he was interested in me that way), so I gave it to him. Lucky for him, I chose to stay at USC for grad school. Over the summer he kept asking me to hang out, but I kept avoiding him, unsure of what he really wanted.

Kim's Proposal in Copper Mountain, Colorado

Finally, I agreed to meet him for a drink, which I only agreed to because he had a new girlfriend, so that meant he wasn’t into me romantically… I had finally decided to stop worrying about men and focus on myself. Turns out we had an instant connection (go figure), so a few weeks later, he chose to break it off with his girlfriend. He waited a few weeks and then asked me out on a date to the state fair. He asked if we could take things slow since he had just ended things with his last girlfriend, but he wanted to keep seeing me exclusively. After taking me on a series of super romantic dates (like to a drive-in movie theater!), about a month later, he asked me to officially be is girlfriend.. and I said yes!

how they asked

We went up the lift as boyfriend-girlfriend, and we came down the mountain engaged! While we were dating, we got involved in each others hobbies as couples often do: we both love photography, Jess taught me to rock climb and I taught Jess to ski. It was only fitting that Jess chose our week-long getaway to Colorado for skiing and exploring Denver to pop the question. On our first day skiing at Copper Mountain, we got on the American Flyer lift to take us up to the top of the mountain and shared a bench with some locals who quickly became friends.

Near the top, Jess asked our new friends if they wouldn’t mind taking a picture of us at the top, and they said sure. But instead of putting his phone on picture-mode, Jess started a video and said to them quietly, “thank you for what you are about to do.” I awkwardly fumbled with my skis having no clue what was about to happen (thinking we were just going to take a picture) until Jess turned to face me and began talking about how he was so glad that I was in his life, that I introduced him to skiing, and that he wanted to ski with me for the rest of his life.

At that point, he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked, “Will you marry me?”. There was no question in mind my mind that the answer was yes! We kissed and our new friends (still videoing) cheered.

After many congrats, we finally did ski down the mountain, with huge smiles that would never fade, our adrenaline pumping and knees a little wobbly, yelling “oh hey, fiancé” at each other the whole way down. <3