Kim and Jace

how we met

The way Jace and I met is kind of a wild story. I worked at Anthropologie, a store in the mall we both worked at, Jace worked at Starbucks. For MONTHS all I knew about Jace was that he was my favorite barista because whenever he was working, my drink was made perfectly! (Trust me, I can tell the difference when my drink is made differently). What I didn’t know, is that Jace secretly had a crush on me FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS. Long story short, eventually the stars aligned and we messaged each other on Instagram, became friends and eventually started dating. Also, he officially asked me out by wearing a t-shirt that said “Kimberly, will you be my girlfriend?” with a “YES” check box, with no “NO” option to turn him down haha!

From the very first time we hung out, everything just clicked. I know that sounds cliche, but that’s how we felt. We both care passionately about LGBTQ+ rights, have attended our local Pride Days together. We do almost anything together. He supports me while I geek out every year and cosplay at Comic Con (he even cosplays with me!), and we both love to go out and eat and try different restaurants.

how they asked

I was SHOCKED. So, because I had actually picked out the ring, I knew that a proposal was coming at some point, but I was completely shocked when it actually happened. (I thought it was still going to be a couple months out, he actually managed to trick me for the first time!)I actually almost threw all his plans off by springing it on him that I planned to get my eyebrows microbladed on the same day he was planning to propose (how was I supposed to know?!). He panicked and looked up microblading to see if my eyebrows would be all red for pictures, lucky for him, they always look the best the day they’re done. During my appointment, I got a text from “his brother” saying he was drunk at his friends house downtown and needed to be picked up by Jace. Annoyed that he didn’t just call/text Jace, I called Jace asking him to call his brother because he was apparently “drunk”. Jace’s brother isn’t really a drinker, so it was weird he was drunk.

Anyways, I finish my eyebrow appointment and call Jace to come pick me up. I meet Jace in our car, expecting to either head home or go to eat but he tells me we still have to pick up his brother, okay cool. Because Jace is awful with directions, I man Google Maps on his phone to the address he has already put in, which isn’t far since we were already downtown. We drive up to the building that the gps is set to, but instead of stopping at the building, he pulls into a parking lot. I ask him why we aren’t just picking up his brother from the door of the building and he says, “no, we have to go upstairs”. I am now again annoyed and confused because: A) why can’t his brother just come down? And B) we don’t know any of his friends so why are we going upstairs to their place? We finally make out way to the building and take the elevator up to the proper floor and Jace knocks on the door. (All the while, I am thinking, “damn, I know this condo building, it’s expensive… Jace’s brother must have some rich friends). Jace knocks on the door and starts to push me forward towards the door. I immediately get mad and ask him why he’s pushing me towards the door?! I don’t know these people! I don’t want to go first! The door opens and our friend and photographer, Christina appears in the doorway!I still have not clued in… I was still thinking, “how does Jace’s brother know Christina? Also, this is not where Christina lives…” I nervously say “hi…..?” And as Jace pushes me through the doorway, i start to see the balloons and decorations in the living room behind Christina.

I have now clued in that this is a proposal and don’t know whah to do. Luckily Christina and Jace have planned it all. Christina motions me to the bathroom right by the front door and asks me to change into the dress hanging off of the shower bar. (Bonus points for having the dress I said I wanted to wear for my future proposal) I change, freak out a little, and then meet Christina and Jace in the loving room of the condo. Jace is fumbling to play the planned music and I read the words “marry me” written in white rose petals and there’s balloons everywhere. At this point, Jace is taking too long with the music so I just start sobbing. We hug while I sob and he manages to get the music playing. I eventually get it together and there’s an awkward silence between us before I say, “you still have to ask!” (He wasn’t even holding the ring. Which was across the room, on the couch with a sign that said, will you be my wife?” Because Jace and I are awkward, Christina takes the lead and leads Jace and I to the perfect spot and Jace gets down on one knee. He doesn’t know what to say at first and I laugh because that’s so classic Jace. A few seconds later, he finds his words and says the only thing he wants for his birthday is for me to be his wife. I start to ugly cry (there’s a good picture of it), and say yes!

Special Thanks

Naom Carver
 | Ring Designer