Kim and Dalton

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Dalton & I were in Northampton, MA for this band, Enter the Haggis’ New Year’s Extravaganza. He had them perform their song, “Cut the Lights,” which I had heard minutes before I met Dalton. The lyrics say, “Love will come around at the strangest time,” & I will admit that at that time, I was kind of frustrated with relationships. So that kind of became a really special song to me with that timing. So, the band played the song, & in the middle during the instrumental break, they asked Dalton & me to come up on stage, & he got down on one knee & proposed. It was even more special because the guys in the band have seen me grow up, literally. They’ve known me since I was 13 & have become some of my greatest friends. We also were surrounded by many other fellow fans/friends whom I’ve gotten to know throughout all the years I’ve been going to the shows. I couldn’t have thought of a better setting/time! The ETH guys are some of the greatest people I know. I learned later that the guys worked so hard to make it all perfect for me. They did multiple sound checks & messaged/talked to Dalton a lot. So it was incredible & so special.

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