Kim and Chris

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How We Met

Well I first saw Chris on the shuttle to campus from our apartment complex (Central Michigan) and I thought he was so cute so I of course ran to my apartment to tell my roommate about the cute shuttle boy. Fast forward a few weeks and I met up with a new guy friend, Matt, at one of the Home football games. He said he brought some of his buddies and roommates. When we met them in the student section there was the cute shuttle boy, who just happened to be friends with Matt. So I was trying to play it cool and get to know him so I invited them all over for pizza after the game. We had no pizza. So I had to run to the store quick and get pizza to make (I had to show my cooking skills off) and change into a better outfit of course. We set up some TV trays for people to use and Chris admitted later he was so nervous he couldn’t shut it and was so embarrassed when I had to for him. Flash forward a few weeks and we are riding together to class on Fridays and talking non stop. He had a girlfriend at the time but they were on a break as her request. Turns out she had been cheating for months. We stayed friends for a while, but after a huge conflict with my roommate on my 21st and seeing him stand up for me I decided I didn’t want to wait anymore. January 27th will always be one of my favorite days, it’s the day I started dating my best friend.

how they asked

Chris had a work party Saturday evening in Frankenmuth so we decided we would go early and do some shopping and walking around. I love Christmas time and all the lights. So we went to dinner to “celebrate the end of the semester” (I am a graduate student), and he seemed to be in a hurry. He wanted to get to dinner by 3. Seemed very early to me but it was important to him so I went with it. During dinner the waiter came over to check on us after we got our food and he asked for the check. Seemed somewhat rude, which was really unlike Chris. I got up to use the bathroom and he apologized to the waiter and explained his plans. We made our way to Frankenmuth and he passed Bronners (the one place I wanted to go) and stopped at a gas station. Not that odd as he said he needed gas, but then he goes inside to “Use the bathroom” but he had gone before we left the restaurant… Little did I know he was texting the photographer he had set up because it wasn’t dark yet! I was definitely on alert as I knew something was up but wasn’t for sure as we had talked about getting engaged around the holidays for a few months, but he had me pretty convinced it would be happening in Detroit.

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Special Thanks

Tricia Lewis
 | Photographer