Kim and Charlie

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How We Met

Charlie and I met during my freshman year of college, his sophomore year, at a small university in St. Louis. We both played soccer and had overlapping friend groups, so we quickly became good friends. The winter of that same year Charlie had randomly joined our school’s track team and knew that I frequently ran, so we went on a few runs the middle of an icy,snowy,freezing St. Louis winter. We talked and laughed, and we clicked. However, we remained friends for some time..about 3 years to be exact.

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Fast forward to that time, and we finally got it together and made it official. For the past four years we have been adventuring and taking on life together. We talked every day the summer I lived in Miami.

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We traveled to each other and met in between Dallas and St. Louis frequently when he moved to Texas for graduate school. We got to spend almost every weekend together when I moved to Oklahoma for grad school (only 3 hours long distance compared to 10). When Charlie graduated he got a job in Oklahoma, which is where we still reside. The past 2 years in the same city have been a dream. We get to play tennis, play soccer, hike, run, and adventure together any time we want (don’t get me wrong, we totally do our fair share of eating, drinking, and watching Netflix for entire weekends, too). We still travel to Missouri frequently as both of our families are from there and so many of our close friends are in St. Louis.

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how they asked

So, this year we headed back a few days before Christmas to spend a week and a half with our families and friends. We were all over the place visiting our families and finally had New Year’s Eve day to spend at my best friend’s house and do whatever we wanted until a NYE party later that night. That morning, my best friend said she had to run out to her parents’ house to pick something up, and that she would be back in an hour or so. Charlie asked if I wanted to go for a run and I said, “yep.” I didn’t think anything of it, as we had gone on several runs throughout the week already. I said that I wanted to go see his niece too, since we hadn’t gotten to hang out with her much yet.

We agreed we would go over there after we went for a run. He mentioned running to the top of Art Hill (a spot in St. Louis’ Forest Park that I ran to all the time in college from our school) and again I said, “yep.” So, we got ready (me in a new running outfit that my BFF had conveniently gotten me for Christmas, and given to me the night before) and headed out for a 1.5 mile run to the top of Art Hill. We were about halfway up the steep hill and I was really struggling. I told Charlie, “I’m going to stop at that parking lot.” He instantly replied, “No, you can make it, go to the top!” He ran ahead of me and kept talking and pushing me until we made it to the statue at the top. I saw him go to the ground, and thought he was tired or was going to stretch, but then he said my name. I turned and saw that he was on one knee with, a ring and a big grin.

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I cried and probably exclaimed, “Are you serious,” and “yes,” five times. Then, I saw my best friend walking over from across the street with champagne and realized there was a photographer there to capture the whole thing for us! It was perfect and I couldn’t get over the surprise!

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In my head we were still going to Charlie’s sister’s house to hang out, but they suggested we go to a Felix’s (a pizza place in St. Louis we always try to get to when we are there) for a pint and a slice of pizza real quick before we went to visit his niece. I never object to Felix’s. We changed and headed that way and to my surprise, again, both of our families were there to celebrate with us! The day was so perfect and we got to continue the celebration with friends that night at the New Year’s Eve party. I can’t wait to spend forever adventuring with a man who always pushes me and motivates me to be my best.

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Special Thanks

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