Kiley Ann & Michael

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How We Met: We met at Starbucks & both ordered the same coffee! “Grande, White chocolate, mocha with cinnamon dolce! ” We have been arm in arm sense! That was May 14, 2014.

how they asked: On September 4, 2015 we traveled to Colorado. We live in Warner Robins, GA so this trip was very special and I really wanted to take him to my home town in Denver to meet the family! After he asked my dad for his blessing and of course my dad crying… We decided to go hiking a few days later up to Saint Mary’s Glazier! I had no idea he asked my dad for his blessing or what was about to happen! Once we got up to the glazier (11,000 feet up!) we sat on a rock with our feet hanging over the ledge and chit chatted for a little.

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After our talk, we walked over to the bottom part of the Glazier where there was a water stream running off of it and decided to take a picture. He asked some random guy hiking up the mountain to take it, once he got back over to me he took a knee and asked ” Kiley Ann will you marry me?!” I was so happy I couldn’t stop crying! He was crying too and of course I said “yes!”

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But after… the guy taking our pictures said ” You forgot to look at the ring!!! Put it on her!” So Mike then got back down on a knee and put the ring on me! We then went back to the rock and talked for a good 45 minutes and of course; the whole time I was crying with joy!

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