Kiley and Mitchell

How We Met

Mitchell and I met in high school youth group. We were sophomores in high school, the ripe age of 16. We were young but we immediately knew that life wouldn’t be the same without one another in it. He took me on a carriage ride downtown for a snowy first date. We drank hot coco and laughed all night. From that night forward, the adventures just got better.

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how they asked

Mitchell and I started a photography business a few years back. It was our goal to travel the world photographing beautiful places and people. We decided recently it was time to go to Banff, Canada. It was a place we had dreamed of going to in our younger years and we could now go! We spent the first few days romping around in the forest coming upon blue waters and spectacular views. I couldn’t imagine the trip was going to get any better, but Mitchell had bigger plans. When we were on our way to The Three Sisters, three mountain peaks, Mitchell told me to take a slight detour which ended in a mysterious parking lot. He led me up the steps and into the building where we were greeted by a man who said “The Marvel Pass for Maitland?” We were in a building with helicopters covering the walls.

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I looked at Mitchell’s smiling face, pleased that he had tricked me. We boarded the helicopter and took a twenty minute flight over The Three Sisters and up to Marvell Pass. We got out and walked down to the lake, that was the color of a sapphire, to take photos.

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While Mitchell was setting up, I was taking in the breathtaking view. He came to join me on the rock I had found. He nervously told me he loved me, I said I loved him to and thanked him for setting this up. Then, he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him. I immediately burst into happy tears and gave my answer, “YES!” The ring is a sapphire, a perfect representation

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of that perfect moment. The flight back to our car was filled with laughter and smiles. We couldn’t be happier to go on adventures for the rest of our lives.

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Mitchell Maitland
 | Photographer