Kilby and Sean

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How We Met

Quick backstory: I live in Auburn, Alabama and Sean is in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are both involved in Young Life and (luckily) have lots of frequent flier miles.

Two summers ago, he and I were at a Young Life camp in North Carolina. Sean was on summer staff, and he was working on ropes (specifically the “big swing”) for about a month. I was going as a leader and bringing a handful of high school friends, and we were there for a week. I saw him on the second morning from a distance, and it was love at first sight (for me…). I told my girls I thought he was cute, and, of course, they freaked out (it had been their goal for over a year to get me a boyfriend). So naturally, we spent all of our time at the big swing, where Sean was. At first he thought I was in high school, but when he found out we were the same age, he says his first thought was “game on!” Being the shy person Sean is, it took an entire week of nonstop nagging from my high school friends before he would make a move. On the last day, I went up to the big swing to say goodbye with hopes he would ask for my number. Instead, he slipped me a sweet note with his number on the bottom. I headed home, and we became pen pals for the rest of his time at camp. A few months and a thousand snapchats later, Sean flew to Auburn for his first SEC football game…and the rest is history!

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how they asked

Another backstory: Sean and his parents were supposed to get to Auburn on Thursday night for a long weekend and for the Auburn – Ole Miss football game.

My friend Jennings, a photographer, asked Kristin (another friend) and I to model for her on Wednesday evening to help expand her portfolio. I was expecting Sean to get into Auburn the next evening, so I wasn’t anticipating anything special to happen that day. Jennings led Kristin and I into a square garden closed off by hedges, and then “decided” it would be better for us in a mirroring, identical garden. As I walked out and headed down the path, I noticed sunflowers lining the way, each with a note describing everything I was to Sean. The first one I picked up said “My Camp Crush,” which goes back to the way we met. As I progressed, I picked up each flower, with the last one saying “My last first kiss.”

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I turned the corner to see string lights all over the garden, a bench with pictures of us decorating it, and even more sunflowers. Then, Sean came around the corner holding the last sunflower with the note, “My wife?”

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At this point, I was somehow holding back the tears as he got down on one knee, told me how much he loved me, and asked me to spend the rest of my life by his side. Easiest decision I’ve ever had to make!

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Image 4 of Kilby and Sean

Special Thanks

Jennings Bowden
 | Photographer
Tim Enkeboll
 | Videographer