Kiki and Rhett

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How We Met

I have had a crush on Rhett since I was eleven years old.

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He would tell you the same thing about me, but I think in the early days, my middle school crush was a little stronger than his. We met at a 6th grade ice cream social, our first day middle school. We took our first run at “dating” (if that’s what you call two 14 year olds texting and AIM-ing 24-7), the spring of our 8th grade year.

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He was my very first kiss, and needless to say I couldn’t be happier he will be my last.

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We fell out of touch in high school, as Rhett moved back east for boarding school. We both chose to play Division 1 lacrosse in college, which eventually brought us back together. Rhett was Captain of the West Point team, while I was captain at the University of Denver team. Rhett’s family, who lived in Denver, happened to come to the Stanford vs. DU game my junior year.

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After our game, I was sure to grab a hug from his little sister and mom. This was an ordinary post game routine for me, but unbeknownst to me, Rhett began receiving calls from his mom saying, “I want Grace to be like Kiki when she grows up,” and his sister Grace, saying “Rhett, you have to marry Kiki Boone!” Rhett, though caught a little off guard, immediately took action by sending me a super smooth Facebook message.

He thanked me for being so nice to his family and for being a role model to his sister. In the following months, our Facebook conversations turned into text messages that turned into Snapchats. Eventually, our communication even included long phone calls. These were the sweet types of calls during which you can hear each other’s smiles through simple conversation.

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Rhett moved army posts right around Christmas and he ended up sticking around Denver for about a month to spend time with his family and me. We saw each other for 35 days straight. On day 8 he kissed me, on day 12 he asked me to be his girlfriend, and on day 14 he told me he was in love with me.

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He would tell you that he decided he was going to marry me that day.

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After 6 month of dating long distance, I decided to move to Seattle to be closer to Rhett. He deploys for 9 months this coming February, and I want to spend every moment with him that I possibly can.

how they asked

I had lived in Seattle for a month and a half, and I was homesick and ready to see my loving family and my sweet friends. My birthday was coming up, and I knew that being away from home on a day like that could make things worse. I begged Rhett for a quick weekend trip to Denver for my birthday.

He was oddly opposed to the idea. Instead, he wanted to stay in Seattle to watch his brother play for Army lacrosse in a game in Seattle. I understood, but I was disappointed. As my birthday approached, I tried to stay positive. My parents missed me too. They decided they could fly out to see the game and spend time with me, just as Rhett mom was flying out to see her two sons in Seattle.

Rhett planned a phenomenal Friday night birthday date that included dinner at a Cirque Du Soleil type venue with a five-course meal. It was the perfect birthday surprise. It was fun, exciting, and unique, and everything about the night was very thoughtful. (He threw me off any sort of proposal scent; we were completely birthday focused).

In the morning, Rhett presented me with my first present of the day. It was a selfie stick that turned into a tripod. I was delighted, and already started planning the perfect birthday Instagram post. My birthday was off to a wonderful start! Rhett decided that before going to meet our parents for brunch, we should go take a birthday picture (in my mind I am still ONLY thinking about my birthday Insta, and unaware of any other plan that was forming).

Rhett took me to a beautiful park that overlooked the city of Seattle. We started playing with the selfie stick, taking silly pictures, and setting up the tripod for a better angle.

It was a typical cloudy Seattle day, and we had the skyline at our backs. We posed for a few photos, then Rhett looked at me and started telling me how much he loves me. For a quick moment, it crossed my mind that this might be THE moment, but it quickly faded, because it is common for him to talk like this. Then it hit me.

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These words were sweeter than ever, his eyes looked excited and vulnerable. Within seconds he was down on one knee. My memory is blank from here, but apparently I pulled him to his feet to hug him! He again asked me to marry him, and whether I was going to accept his ring (I forgot to even look at it). He got back on one knee to place the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen on my finger.

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We spent the following 30 minutes dreaming of our new life together, admiring his planning efforts and discussing who we would call first.

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I had to think of a way to tell my mom (hoping that she wouldn’t be upset to be out of the loop)!

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Though Rhett informed me that he asked my dad, my mom and all three brothers for their blessing, he told me that no one knew that he was going to do it on my birthday.

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I began writing a list of family and friends to tell. We pull up to the Edgewater hotel, and walked into the restaurant. We were lead to a back room where the door was opened… and there stood my entire family and my all of my closest friends from Denver!

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Needless to say, emotions were high; I all but collapsed in Rhett’s arms. He knows me even better than I give him credit for. He planned the most perfect surprise I could have ever dreamed of.

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Eighteen of the most important people in our lives were in this room, fifteen of whom took flights to be a part of our special day–and I had no idea. Tears and laughter flowed freely. It was the best day of my life, and a birthday I will remember forever.

To my sweet fiancé— you have exceeded all of my expectations. I never dreamed of a man so perfect for me or a life so great. Thank you for constantly reminding me of your boundless love. I love you Rhett—always have and always will.

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