Kiki and Dave

Image 1 of Kiki and Dave

How We Met

Dave and I first saw each other at a wedding, he was the cousin of the groom and read at the ceremony, and I was a guest of the bride. We didn’t talk then though but it was love at first sight. A few weeks passed and then I added him on Facebook and we started chatting. We went on our first date on January 27, 2017 and the rest is history. Turns out we had a ton of opportunities to meet each other our entire lives but we had just missed each other every time. We almost went to the same high school and college, and then when we did get together we found out we lived less than a mile from each other and he had even been in my store and I had no idea. Finally the timing was right and we’re getting married on April 23, 2021 after postponing from October 2020.

How They Asked

Dave asked in our apartment on December 10, 2019 which was 3 years exactly from the date we first saw each other at that wedding. It was December 10, 2016. I love that he chose that date because it wasn’t just a Christmas or holiday engagement, the date actually means something incredibly special to us. Turns out it was love at first sight for both of us!