Kierstin and Jimmy

How We Met

Jimmy and I actually went to high school together but he’s a year older and we had no classes together, so we didn’t speak, just knew of each other. I thought he

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8years ago

cute and when I heard the place he worked was hiring, I naturally applied there. I got the job, but he’s shy so for the first few days he didn’t speak to me. Finally we started a conversation and the rest is history.

how they asked

It was a Sunday, I was working and had plans to go to dinner and a movie with my sister. She ended up backing out on me so I text jimmy and asked if he ate yet. He replied saying he wanted to go to a nice dinner. On our way to dinner he took a different route then we normally take and when I questioned him about it he said he felt it was faster. We then pulled up to a park with a pond that jimmy knows about and he said “this is the pond I’m always talking about, let’s walk around.” So we got out of the car and walked around while he was playing on his phone. After walking around a bit, I turned around and he was on his knee in front of the pond. After the proposal his sister popped out of the bushes, (he was talking to her on his phone) congratulated us, and showed us the photos she took. Jimmy and I then went out to a nice dinner, and back to his parents house where our family and friends wer waiting to celebrate with us!

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The proposal