Kiersten and Michael


How We Met

Michael and I met in college, we were enrolled in two classes together but had two separate groups of friends. I was the shy girl in class and Michael was Mr. Popular who thought I was just a pretty snob! I felt like I was falling behind in class and since I noticed that Michael was always participating in class I thought I would ask him for a bit of tutoring on my essay. He was pretty slick and told me he was busy but that I could come up to his dorm room later to go over my paper.


We later realized that we lived in the same dorms that were just one floor apart….he actually told me my paper was horrible but invited me to come fishing with his buddies. I was having a hard time adjusting to being alone in college and I desperately needed some new friends! I didn’t think much of it at first but we slowly started hanging out a lot! He was the sweetest, most innocent, nervous boy and I could tell we were really starting to click.


Well about two years later we were living together and inseparable. Three years later we were living in Australia together and  have even backpacked through Iceland, Costa Rica and New Zealand. Traveling became something that really brought us together and it is how we realized that we have the same goals in life, Live small and travel more!



We call this our traveling pose and we have at least 50 precious moments we have captured and these photos are sure to go with us everywhere. We recently moved together from Florida all the way to Arizona which is how we ended up engaged in Mexico!

how they asked

As I was saying we recently moved to Arizona, we made this move for me to continue my education. In my eyes this was a huge commitment that Michael made for me, he left all of his friends and family to start a new chapter with me. Anyways, living in Arizona we are very close to Mexico, so hoping the border is a must! I made all of the arrangements (last minute of course). We are very easy going and usually don’t like to over plan trips…because planning leads to disappointments. I booked this trip for Michael’s 23rd birthday and was expecting it to be a great gift for him! I guess he had other intentions and it was a blast from the moment we got there. We were missing the beaches from home and loved the fresh Pina coladas and Mexican food!

On the second day we spent all day on the beach, Michael was spoiling me a bit letting me get my hair done and buying me a bunch of local things from the sales people on the beach! We had met another sweet couple from Arizona, but I soon headed up to the room to take a nap before dinner. Michael went down to grab “coffees” as I was getting ready he told me I should wear my new dress (so happy I did). He came back with no coffees and of course I later learned he was downstairs making sure he could set up a photographer for his proposal. We headed downstairs and coincidentally ran into that same couple we met earlier and Michael insisted that they  snap a picture of us on the beach.

He quickly got down on one knee and simply said “Kiersten will you marry me”.


It was all a blur after that, I have never experienced such an unexpected shock in my life!


My face hurt from smiling and all I could think of was how sneaky he had been! I could hear everyone in the background cheering, some were even crying. It was such an amazing moment, we took a walk down the beach and talked about how happy we were for everything.


About an hour later I realized I didn’t have my phone!


I must have been so shocked I actually dropped my phone on the beach and it was stolen, that was a slight interruption to our perfect engagement but it makes for a good story!