Kiersten and Anthony

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How we met

It all started with a girls weekend to Mount Dora, Florida. I went with my mom and some family friends to Mount Dora for a craft show. As we were at the craft show, we had walked by a good looking firefighter, who was on the job. This good looking firefighter and myself locked eyes and then continued to go about our day. I am a shy person, so I am not one to go up to someone I don’t know and say hello, so here’s where my mom and my best friend come into the picture.

Embarrassingly, as we walked by him a few more times, my mom and best friend kept making funny comments saying “She needs mouth to mouth” and “call her she is single”. Quickly my introverted side of me comes into play as my friends and mom encourage me to go talk to him. I said, “No! I can’t go up to him.” So, after a few word of encouragement to each other, my mom and best friend went up to him and said hello. They began talking to this firefighter and after a line of questioning, they urged me to go say hello. You could say they approved from the second they started talking to him. I walked up and introduced myself and quickly apologized for them coming up to him and bothering him during his shift. Due to this hilarious introduction, I finally was able to meet this firefighter, his name is Anthony. Anthony and I exchanged phone numbers, took a picture, and parted ways. I never thought anything would come of this interaction, but oh am I so glad it did.

Before we were even able to leave the festival, Anthony invited me to go to dinner with him later that night. I was so excited that he invited me to dinner because, like I said, I never thought anything would come of it. Excitedly, I told my mom and friends that he texted me and invited me to dinner. Immediately they said “You’re not going to dinner with him! We aren’t from here and we don’t know him. So, no you’re not going.” I told them that they set me up with this guy, so I am going to dinner. You could say our first date wasn’t the normal first date with a party of 2. Our first date was a party of 6. My mom and friends insisted that I could go to dinner if they went to the same restaurant at the same time. Embarrassingly, my mom and friends sat in the bar area while Anthony and I had our first date. During this date, my mind was at ease because I soon found out Anthony has a great sense of humor and thought it was hilarious that they were at the same restaurant peeking over the booths to see how our date was going. Our date went perfectly, and the rest is history. I met the love of my life thanks to the girls’ weekend in Mount Dora, Florida.

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how they asked

April 1, 2017 was the best day of my life. A week before he proposed, Anthony told me that his family was coming to town to spend a weekend at the beach. I was beyond excited because I was going to see his whole side of the family and have a relaxing weekend at the beach. As we were finishing our day at the beach, Anthony’s sister in law, Mandy, told me that she was having a photographer come to the beach at 6 to come and take some family photos. I thought nothing of it and said great that’ll be fun! As we were picking out outfits to wear for photos and dinner later that night, Anthony came and told me to dress nice so we can get some couple photos done, since we’ve never gotten professional couple photos taken before.

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I was excited that he wanted to go get pictures taken, so I picked my favorite dress and got ready to go take pictures with mine and Anthony’s family. We got to the beach and the photographer started snapping some family pictures. Then, it was our turn to take couple photos.

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As we posed for a few photos, Anthony then got down on one knee and told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He asked me to marry him! With tears in my eyes, I quickly said “Yes!”

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With family surrounding us, I got engaged to the man of my dreams! I am so grateful that had the most important people in our lives surround us, and watching the proposal on FaceTime.
With so much excitement, we gathered our family and took more photos! I was in complete shock, and honestly still am. I am so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

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