Kierra and Heath

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How We Met

Heath and I met almost six years ago. Our story always felt like fate to me!

My girlfriends really wanted me to go out with them that night, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I told them I wanted to stay home, and they practically forced me out the door. Heath wanted to go out that night, but his friend didn’t and he practically forced his friend out the door.

When my girlfriends and I got to the bar, we did a walk around to see who was there. While walking passed people, my friend looked over at me and said “did you know that guy? He was staring at you”. Me not noticing this staring guy got excited to see who it was and made them do another lap with me. As I walked by the two guys sitting there, I made eye contact and sure enough, he was looking right at me. WOW, he was so good looking. So, I made my friends (how the tables have turned now!) get a table far away enough that it wasn’t obvious, but also right in his view. This mystery guy and I made eyes at each other all night.

Our table grew by some people, and after some convincing by everyone at it… I decided to go talk to him. I walked up to him and introduced myself. His friend Keiran, and Keith (his name is Heath, I clearly heard wrong). I embarrassingly said, “oh look, we’re all K’s!”. He didn’t correct me, bless his heart. We chatted for a little and I said “well, nice meeting you! Hope you have a good night!”, and turned to walk away. I made the first move, so the rest was up to him. He stopped me from walking away and asked for my number. My plan worked! I gave it to him and went back to my friends.

*By the way, he said his plan was to watch when I left and plan on “coincidentally” running into me on the way out to introduce himself and ask for my number.*

The next day Keith texted me “Hey, it’s Heath from Hudson’s” and I died a little inside since we were definitely not all K’s. We texted for a bit then planned our first date, and here we are now!

Fast forward to almost six years later, where we’ve moved to Toronto together and are engaged! I knew after the first month that he was it for me though.

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How They Asked

It was a COVID-19 proposal. Heath bought the ring before the virus had spread significantly and we had to socially distance and self-isolate. He had a whole evening planned, but due to everything shutting down and everyone being stuck inside… his plans fell through. And to make surprise proposal matters even worse, we were now stuck inside our apartment together 24/7. I don’t think he knew how he was going to pull it off! But he did know he didn’t want to wait for what could be months for everything to go back to normal again.

Sunday morning we were laying in bed together. The sun was shining through, he brought coffee in bed and it was just one of those perfect moments. We were looking at each other and talking about how much we loved mornings together, and each other.

He looked at me and asked me to marry him. In my head I was thinking ‘well yeah, of course, I do… you already know that’, but then I realized he was asking for real. I was so surprised! He asked again since I didn’t know what was going on and kept asking “what!?”. He pulled a box out of the drawer next to his side of the bed, and inside was my dream ring!

I’ve been imagining saying yes to his proposal for years, and I finally got to.