Kierra and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I originally met a year before we started dating (not that he didn’t try!) I actually started dating someone else and of course that ended badly, but thankfully it led me toBrian. We met through a mutual friend; he is my best guy friend whom I went to high school with and he works with Brian. The year after we met, I was alone after my breakup, just graduated college and my dad was in the hospital, so I was very sad; my friend invited me over his house to hang out with a few other people. Brian was there and we started up a conversation and realized we got along pretty well. He then asked me out on a date, which I cautiously accepted the invitation to. After a night of drinks and jokes laced with heavy sarcasm (his usual sense of humor that I adore so much), I realized this guy is something special. Two years later, things got better in my life, and we are engaged and happy as ever!

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how they asked

For weeks leading up to our second annual vacation to Los Angeles, Brian was asking me questions about new sight seeing places I would like to visit. I wasn’t sure so he did some research (little did I know he was really researching a perfect place to propose!) He told me later that he became nervous because I kept shooting down ideas that were my favorite places the first time I visited LA, I mean why would I want to visit the same place again?(because he wanted a meaningful place to propose. Duh Kierra). Anyway, on our third day in LA he took me out to Pasadena to a place called Huntington Library which was a collection of museums and beautiful gardens. We got therein the middle of the day and realized it closed in just under two hours, and we had only covered about 1/3 of the gardens. Brian started picking up his walking pace and kept saying we had to reach theJapanese botanical garden. I of course being clueless, told him to calm down and we will make it there. Walking through many of the gardens he kept darting around, searching for the perfect spot to sit down for a minute and I began getting nervous. When we found a cuteJapanese gazebo with two seats down by a private little creek, it was no surprise that a lady was sitting there and Brian started muttering that she needed to move and that we get to sit there next. I said “alright, there isn’t a line to sit there, calm down” and I noticed he was holding his one fist clenched tight and propped up on his hip oddly. I remember my heart acing, wondering if something was in his hand. Finally,the lady moved and we sat down on two little marble stools facing each other and he just outright asked me to marry him! I almost don’t really remember what happened and I just kept laughing as I told him yes.About 5 minutes later, I started crying because it finally hit me. We were happy, on an awesome vacation, and we were going to spend the rest of our lives together!<

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