Kiera and Tiangelo

how we met

We met at his job ha! My sister and I were at her car dealership so she could get something and he worked there lol. He noticed me waiting in her car and decided to make small talk. I was interested, we exchanged numbers. He took me out for breakfast the next day! And we’ve been together ever since lol.

how they asked

He is a private, shy type of guy. He proposed at home on Mother’s Day! He bought me a huge gift that morning and as I got to the bottom of my gift bag there was a small box. When I opened the box, there was no ring! Lol however there was a small piece a paper that read “Will You Marry Me?”. I questioned it, and went to look for him and he was right behind me on one knee with a ring. He asked me again this time out loud with a trembling voice. I said Yes of course! He was so nervous lol.

Special Thanks