Kiera and Robbie's Proposal in Bryant Park

Image 1 of Kiera and Robbie's Proposal in Bryant ParkIt was around the day of our 3-year anniversary. I’m usually the planner, and I would have normally had something in the works, but we were deep in the midst of preparations to move across the country. I was too frantic about other things. I knew we had plans of some sort, but he wouldn’t give me any details.

The morning of, we were being lazy and not rushing to get up. Around 11 am he casually mentioned we had dinner plans that night, and we needed to get to the city by 1… Oh, and that I needed to wear something fancy and pack an overnight bag.

This raised some flags for me, but I had no time to think! When we were driving into the city, he said we might have a little extra time and that we should go to Bryant Park to see the frozen fountain and ice skaters. As we were getting close, our song actually came on the radio and then we easily found a spot right on the street – a miracle in itself!

We watched the ice skaters for a couple of minutes and saw the frozen fountain, but it was bitter cold outside and I was ready to leave. He said we should get one picture by the skating rink and asked a stranger to take our picture. Next thing I know he was down on his knee! I felt like the world was in slow motion. He sounded like the adults in Charlie Brown “whaa-whaa-whaa.” I was literally speechless and just cried and cried and almost forgot to say yes. After a couple minutes, I asked him to repeat what he said which was in part, “I know its cold outside, but the idea of spending the rest of my life with you warms my heart…”

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He had booked a room at The Roosevelt and made reservations months earlier for dinner at Jean-Georges. He chose these because he said they were “two New York institutions we could always go back to.” This was extra special since I am a born and raised New Yorker, and we were moving to California in a couple of weeks for his job.

To end the most perfect day ever, when we sat down at Jean-Georges and they handed us menus, the top of the menu read “Robbie and Kiera are engaged!” Another little detail he had arranged when he made the reservations. There were many more happy tears that night, and I will just never forget that day!