Kiera and Max

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How We Met

Max and I were setup by a mutual friend on an (almost) blind date! I say almost because I saw one photo of him before our date and didn’t know much about him! I had actually never accepted a blind date before and I decided to just go for it with Max, and I’m so happy I did!

We went out for drinks in downtown Seattle after work on a Friday for our first date. We instantly clicked! We had a lot in common and he got my sarcastic jokes. We ended up finding out we had attended the same high school, had a lot of friends in common, and had both graduated from the University of Washington from the School of Business..yet we had never heard of each other! After that date I was hooked and so was he! That was about 3 years ago and we still talk about how we have so much in common and never knew each other before our date. We truly believe we were meant to be together!

how they asked

Max proposed to me at Columbia Winery last September! He had been on an out of town business trip and I had been working all week. He had just gotten a new job and early in the week he asked if I would be willing to go meet up with his new co-workers and their spouses at a work happy hour event on Friday when he got home. I said sure and thought nothing of it. Friday came and all I wanted to do was lay on the couch when I got home from work! I was half napping as Max was rushing and telling me to get ready (our usual get ready routine). We finally got out the door and made it to the winery. I sat in the car for a minute and said “do we have to?” he said “YES, it will be fun!” so we went inside. We checked in with the hostess and she led us to the very back of the tasting room and pointed towards a staircase that led down into a dark basement. I walked down first and we turned the corner and we were in a large empty room full of wine barrels lit by candles and string lights. Straight ahead I saw one table setup with champagne glasses, flowers, and pictures. My first response was “Max, we just crashed someone’s engagement party we have to get out of here!” and he laughed and said “this is for you!” He proposed after that and I said YES! We enjoyed our champagne and he told me my second surprise was about to happen. As I’m trying to figure out what that might be, both of our families and closest friends walked down the staircase and into the room! We all enjoyed wine and appetizers and had a great evening celebrating! Best surprise I’ve ever had! Max always blows me away with his planning and I’m so amazed he was able to plan it all while being out of town and was able to coordinate with our family and friends even with all of their crazy work schedules. I’m so incredibly lucky and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!

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