Kiely and Curtis

How They Asked

We spent the day swimming around the Pont Du Garde and it was 110 degrees!

After a beautiful day of swimming and drinking rosé on the river bank, Curtis wanted to hike up to a higher point to see the beautifully constructed Roman aqueduct. Initially, I was against it, as it was SO HOT. But, he was so excited about the hike I couldn’t decline. In a dress and very inappropriate hiking footwear, we hiked up to the top and were the only people in this beautiful cave overlooking the aqueduct.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pont-Du-Garde, France

I was out of breath from the hike, so he asked me “you okay!?” I breathed deeply and finally responded “yes, of course” (I left my inhaler at our hotel of course)…

It was then, with a huge grin on his face that he said: “Will you marry me?”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pont-Du-Garde, France

I thought he was joking. He just froze with a huge smile on his face. No ring, no knee. I stuttered and he finally realized there was a part 2 to his question. He pulled the box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and I completely lost it.

Through the happiest tears I have ever cried, I said yes, yes, yes probably a hundred times.

Special Thanks

James Allen
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