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Paris wasn’t the destination of our vacation, it’s a bonus 2-day layover – we are actually heading to Croatia for the week. So, when Kiel said he would plan Paris and I would plan Croatia, I never thought anything of it.

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After a 10-hour flight, we had a little over an hour to get ready for dinner. Kiel said there wasn’t any room to be late – 5:45p. It was raining, we were tired, and now we were both trying to get ready quickly in a small space in a foreign country (I might have almost had a meltdown about trying to get ready so fast :)). On the way to dinner, Kiel took me to a bridge that overlooked the Eiffel Tower. He wanted a photo of us and luckily, found a lady who was taking some professional photos of the scenery. She took a few pictures on my phone and returned it to us. Little did I know, when we were looking through the pictures she took, she was getting ready to photograph our proposal.

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Kiel was nervous, we both cried, and even with the rain, I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal.

If there is one thing Kiel knows, I don’t like “stuff”, I just like experiences and the photos to share. They are my souvenir. So when I found out she captured the whole moment, then stuck around to take pictures of us I was ecstatic!

The photographer was amazing, Kiel planned it perfectly, and Paris is a dream come true.

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